Bacon Sandwich – £2.50p

Sausage Sandwich  .   £2.50p

Add Egg, beans or mushrooms – 75p


Full English Breakfast – £4.75p

2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms & toast


2 slices of toast with one topping:

Beans,Spaghetti,Cheese or Egg – £2.00p

Extra filling – 75p


 2 slices of toast- £1.00p

Everything Else


Plain or with butter – £3.00p

With cheese/beans or coleslaw –  £4.00p

With chilli/tuna or Coronation chicken –  £4.00p

Served with side salad and coleslaw

Extra fillings 75p per filling.


TOASTIES (with one filling) 

Ham,Cheese,Tuna or Beans –  £2.25p

Extra fillings  –  75p


Side Salad/Coleslaw .   75p



Ham,Cheese,Tuna or Beef – £2.50p

Extra fillings – 75p 

Served with side salad and coleslaw



design your own from the following:-                

Cheese/ham/chicken/tuna tomato/sweet chilli dip/mayo – £3.50p

Extra filling 75p  per filling.


SOUP of the day with Roll – £ 3.00p


Toast (2)  –  £1.00p

Toasted Tea Cake/Currant Tea Cake  –  £1.25p

Crumpets (2)  £1.25p

Beans/Cheese/Tuna/Egg  –  £2.00p

Jam/Marmalade/Marmite  £1.25p

Chilli Nachos & Soured cream  –  £4.00p

Portion of chips   –  £2.00p

Bowl of Curly Fries  –  £2.00p

Cheesy Chips  –  2.00p


 Kids Menu


Chicken Nuggets Chips and Beans or Spaghetti    — £1.95p

Fish Fingers Chips and beans or spaghetti                  £1.95p

Sausage Chips and Beans or Spaghetti                         £1.95p

Pizza Chips and Beans or Spaghetti                              £1.95p


Toast with one topping     2.00p




Sandwiches                           £2.50p

With either Ham/Cheese/Tuna/Chicken

Extra filling 75p


Crumpet (2)          £1.25p

with topping Egg/Beans/Spaghetti/Tuna/Ravioli


Selection of Juices with free Replens      50p



Tea –  1.00

Coffee – £1.50

Rijo Coffee £1.75 – £2.00

(See Coffee Menu)

Can of Pop –  75p 

Capri orange/Blackcurrant – 50p

Water – 60p

Vimto Hot/Cold – 50p

Juices 50p with free Replens.

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